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Divorce is a trying times for people and Nevada Legal Forms & Books, Inc. has been assisting Nevada Residents divorce for over 20 years. We maintain the highest standards of competency, honesty and professionalism. We are one of the largest legal forms typing services in Nevada.

Nevada Legal Forms & Books, Inc. provides fully completed divorce or Do-It-Yourself Kits.  We can assist you in all the services required to complete your case, including filing, service of process if required, interfacing with the county clerk's office when necessary and mailing you the final decree signed by the judge.

Nevada Residency

To qualify for a divorce in Nevada, one party must currently reside in Nevada for at least six weeks, typically that person will be the Plaintiff. To prove that the Plaintiff is a resident of Nevada,  another person, who is already a resident of Nevada, will sign a notarized statement swearing under oath that the Plaintiff has been living in Nevada for at least six weeks. The witness must be at least 18 years of age who has lived in Nevada for at least the past six (6) weeks and may be a relative, friend, co-worker or an acquaintance.

If you are currently in the military and your military home state (state of record) is Nevada, you may file for divorce even if you now reside in another state or country. You may wish to check with your commanding officer to verify the correct state is listed on your LES.